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Create your account. Unique to SurveySmartr.

Fill out surveys you qualify for.

Choose a payment method and get paid.

Why would a company pay someone like me to fill out surveys?

Certain market research firms are hired by companies around the globe to find out what consumers (like you) think of their products and services. Those firms pay a portion of what they earn to each person who participates in the survey, in exchange for their time.

How it works

Create an Account, and Gain Access

When you join SurveySmartr, you will be asked for your email address. Make sure you enter an email address that you check frequently, because this is where you will be notified about all the surveys and updates. It's that easy!

Fill Out Surveys with Your Opinions

Each survey will contain different questions that will allow you to influence the development of new products and improve existing ones... just share the answer that best applies to you! And make sure you qualify to take that survey.

In just minutes, you can be done with one survey and onto the next!

Choose a Method to Collect Payment

When you are finished with the survey, you will be prompted to select a method of payment. You will have different options to choose from (like PayPal, check, smartrcommerce, etc.) Compensation for completing surveys can also include rewards like prizes, drawings, and/or charitable donations.

Plus, you can opt to receive coupons, freebies, and special deals to help you save money!

After you’re done with a survey, check to see if there are any additional surveys you can take. If not, keep an eye on your email because we will send you more surveys as soon as they become available!